What Equipment do you Need to Scuba Dive in the UK?

The UK’s waters offer up a range of exciting sub-aquatic landscapes to explore. Aside from the diverse marine wildlife inhabiting British seas, we also boast a range of incredible shipwrecks.

But if you’re thinking about taking up diving here in the UK, what kit will you need?

What equipment do you need for diving in the UK?

You’ll need all of the basics you would need anywhere:

  • Scuba diving mask
  • A regulator
  • Buoyancy control device (BCD)
  • Fins
  • Dive computer
  • Gauges
  • Torch
  • Weights

Drysuits for UK Diving

Where diving in the UK might differ most from diving in warmer climes is in the sort of suit you will need. Most divers in the UK use drysuits. The waters can be incredibly cold here and this offers up the most comfortable experience.



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