Waterproof D1 Hybrid ISS Drysuit Review, Features and Price

The D1 hybrid ISS drysuit is a product from Waterproof and it’s for the high performance diver. The D1 hybrid was the world’s first constant volume drysuit and was thoroughly tested in the Antarctic for performance.

There is real attention to detail in this product.

d1 hybrid drysuit

Waterproof D1 Hybrid Drysuit Features

  • ISS Silicone Neck and Wrist Seals: Silicone seals are brilliantly resistant to chemicals and are therefore high performing. They outperform latex seals in terms of flexibility as well.
  • Warm Neck: The specialist WarmNeck solution from Waterproof offers up protection from the elements and comes with water drain valves and a comfortable fit
  • Insulation sorted: The D1 Hybrid drysuit comes with a patented 3D mesh system to keep the cold off you. It’s superbly effective
  • Ventilation: The 3d Mesh system also offers up sublime ventilation. The airflow between you and suit assists with buoyancy control as well
  • Pressure and Shock Resistant: The D1 Hybrid Drysuit’s awesome 3d Mesh system is a bag of tricks… it’s also absorbs shock and is pressure resistant
  • Kneepads: Not just any old kneepads. Waterproof’s D1 hybrid drysuit comes with military grade kevlar reinforced kneepads. Ultimate performance.
  • Pockets: Keep your scuba diving gizmos and gadgets safe and secure with expandable pockets
  • Hood: Insulated in all the dangerous heat loss zones and a snug fit
  • Removable Inner Mesh: If you’re diving in slightly warmer waters, you might want to remove the inner lining if you’re concerned about over heating
  • Tough performance boots: Easy to get on and off


This is a high end drysuit suitable for even the coldest sub aquatic climates. It only weighs just over 7 and a half kilos, relatively lightweight, and will protect you from elements.

d1 hybrid drysuit

Our View

We think this is an absolutely brilliant drysuit. Fantastic performance, lightweight and versatile. You only need a light layer of clothing under this suit – swim shorts and a t shirt will do the job. It’s not a cheap product but consider it an investment for the serious scuba diver.

It’s available in a host of different sizes, but if you’re considering investing in this, make sure you have your measurements. For the spend, you’ll want to make sure you get the right fit!

Waterproof Hybrid D1 Drysuit Price

This product is available at Simply Scuba for £2,150.

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  1. Hi all,
    I am in the market for a new drysuit and have my eye on the Waterproof D1 Hybrid. I have researched as best I can but am getting very mixed reviews. Has anyone dived with one of these? I would love to hear how you find it.
    I currently dive with a Typhoon neoprene suit so I am used to having to carry a little extra weight to sink it.
    Thanks for your help.

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