Underwater Cameras for Scuba Diving – 3 of our Favourites

I love to dive. And what I love almost as much is capturing the magical worlds I encounter when under water through the lens of a camera and sharing these moments with non-diving friends and family later.

A good underwater camera is important kit for any scuba diver. Non-essential, granted, but really important!!

It’s a busy marketplace, the underwater camera one, and with so many price points, brands and features out there, figuring out which camera to go for isn’t always easy. So here’s our rundown of 3 of the best underwater cameras for scuba diving on the market.


Sealife DC1400 – £449 – £499

The Sealife DC1400 is a 14 mega pixel camera with real attention to detail having been paid by the manufacturers. Importantly, there are big buttons that mean the camera can still be used by scuba divers wearing gloves. In addition, it can be used to 200 feet (60m).

It has manual shutter and aperture control, takes HD video and has 6 underwater modes and 27 land modes!

It’s a good camera for those who don’t have a significant amount of experience with cameras.

In terms of a price point, the RRP is £499. However, you can get this for £499 from Simply Scuba.

sealife dc1400 hd camera for scuba diving

Simply Scuba also do a set of equipment with this camera where you also get a great light, adapters and a host of other equipment. Check that out for £826.

GoPro Hero4 Black Camera – £379.99

GoPro is synonymous with the active life and the Hero4 is the 4th in a range of particularly tough high performance cameras. It takes 12 megapixel images and superb high definition video. There is also a burst mode that enables you to take dozens of images a second to get that perfect picture during a fast moving scene.

To get a feel for the quality that comes from a Hero4, take a browse on Youtube.

The Hero4 has built in Wifi and Bluetooth and the ability to share content quickly and easily to social channels directly from the camera itself.

This is an absolutely brilliant camera and straightforward to use. It’s particularly good if you plan to try and shoot images of fast moving marine life on your dives.

The RRP is £409.99 but is on sale at Simply Scuba for £379.99.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 21.54.29

Intova SP10K Camera – The Budget Option at £110

For the hobbyist diver who isn’t really sure how seriously they will take underwater photography, it might not make much sense to make a huge investment. So there is a budget underwater camera option in the form of the Intova SP10K Camera, which retails for £110.

It is waterproof down to 40m, takes 10 megapixel photographs and shoots VGA video. The camera itself comes with waterproof housing. Outside of this housing, it will be waterproof down to 3m, but for scuba divers, the accompanying underwater housing will be essential.

Of course, the most appealing thing about this camera is the approachable price tag. And admittedly, while the stills are of a perfectly passable quality, the VGA video means you wouldn’t seriously consider this camera for underwater videography. Nonetheless, it’s a cracking entry level budget option.

You can get this at £110 from Simply Scuba.

intova sp10k underwater camera

Underwater Cameras for Scuba Divers

If you’re just taking your first step into underwater photography and you want to find out more about taking the perfect underwater photo, you can check out a really comprehensive guide here.




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