The Tabarka – Wreck Diving at Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands, Scotland

The Tabarka is one of the most impressive European wreck diving sites and it’s right here in the UK. You will find it at Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands in Scotland.

On the surface, you might wonder why this wreck is held in such high esteem. After all, it sits in just 15m or so of water and it’s located in an area that’s notorious for its extreme tides. At its peak, the water here can run at some 5 knots. Add to that the fact that the Tabarka lies upside down on the seabed so you can only see an upturned piece of metal from the outside and then you begin to wonder what the big deal is.

But the treat is when you penetrate the Tabarka. From the inside, this is a wreck you will not forget. It’s easy to get into the interior because there are a number of holes in the structure. Take note though, you do not want to be caught inside here when the water is running at 5 knots. The visibility here is absolutely incredible – up to 40m at time. The strong currents wash away the silt, giving you a superb view.

The marine life includes starfish and sea urchins and the inside of the wreck itself is incredible. It’s a superb photo opportunity. When you’re inside the ship, the holes allow rays of light to pierce through and it creates a really surreal, beautiful atmosphere.

One thing to bear in mind is that this is a free ascent dive. These tricky waters don’t make using a line particularly convenient! But while it can be a tricky dive with the currents and the water can be incredibly cold, it’s a worthwhile wreck dive right here in the UK.

Go and enjoy it and take plenty of pictures.

Tabarka Wreck Dive Video

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