The SS Delfina Wreck Dive, Anglesey, Wales

The SS Delfina was a Spanish World War War cargo ship. It sank in 1928 en route from Manchester to Swansea. It sank in the location you’ll find it today – not too far off the stunning coast of Anglesey, North Wales.

This is a cold water dive (welcome to Britain, guys – they’re all cold water dives) so you’ll want the usual kit you would have for any cold water dive in our ch-ch-chilly waters. But it’s a dive worth the effort.

As you’d expect, the SS Delfina is now an artificial habitat for a whole host of species enjoying the Anglesey waters. While parts of the hull of this ship is more or less in tact, the wreck itself on the whole is somewhat broken up. But it’s a great wreck dive for exploration and a challenge at around 40m in colder waters.

Take a look at this video to see for yourself:

The three occasions on which I have done this dive, I’ve encountered pretty poor visibility, so it won’t do you any harm to equipped with lighting!

Happy wreck diving!




  1. Thanks a lot for this video. I´d love to dive to this wreck.
    When are you planning the next trip to it?
    Could you send me a budget, please?

    Best regards

    1. I don’t run trips myself, I tend to just tag along to existing ones. But if you let me know where you’re based, I can put you in touch with a relevant group.

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