Scubapro Galileo Sol Dive Computer Review, Features and Price

Scubapro really does pride itself on delivering incredibly smart technology in its dive computers. By comparison to other models on the market (particularly the Suunto D4i Novo) this watch isn’t particularly visually appealing. It has the feel of an old 80s digital watch or similar. But let’s not judge a book by its cover (or a dive computer by its outsides). What the Scubapro Galileo Sol lacks in the looks department, it sure makes up for in the technology that powers it.

ScubaPro Galileo Sol Features

So, let’s have a quick rundown of the features boasted by the ScubaPRo Galileo Sol:

  • Comes with an integrated heart monitor as standard – making it very unique in that sense
  • Supports 3 nitrox mixes up to 100% oxygen
  • It comes with a skin temperature monitor
  • Smart algorithms power its Remaining Bottom Time (RBT) calculation with an incredibly degree of accuracy
  • The integrated heart monitor’s readings are taken into account in the decompression calculations to tailor them specifically to you
  • It comes with the option of 3 different display modes to give you more control over what you see
  • The larger screen size makes for easier viewing of images and charts while diving
  • The ScubaPro Galileo Sol is rated to a dive depth of an impressive 330m
  • The dive computer’s logbook allows you to look back over statistics and charts after your dive
  • The battery is, of course, chargeable, and is expected to last between 300 and 500 dives – that’s significantly better than other models on the market
  • Comes with the option of having it in silent mode – and silent really means silent with this model. Switch the Galileo Sol to this mode and it wont ma e a sound under any circumstances
  • The computer’s software is updateable. When new features are released you can upgrade the software via the ScubaPro website

That’s a sample of the key features the ScubaPro Galileo Sol boasts.

On the Whole…

This is a high end dive computer. The ScubaPro Galileo Sol isn’t necessarily for divers who want a watch designed to look slick. But it is for those who want a smart, advanced dive computer that does a whole load more than many more out there on the market.

ScubaPro Galileo Sol Dive Computer Price

The RRP on this product is £749. However, it’s available here for just £674.

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