ScubaPro Evertec LT Drysuit – Review, Features and Price

A lighter weight version of ScubaPro’s ever popular Evertec tri-laminate suit, the Evertec LT has ambitious aims. It bills itself a high performance drysuit but wants divers to enjoy a lighter experience. Not an easy balance to combine. So how does the suit do?

ScubaPro Evertec LT Drysuit Features

So let’s take a look at the core features:

  • The suit boasts a diagonal zipper (a Ti-Zip MasterSeal). Personally, I always prefer diagonal zippers as it makes it much easier to get in and out of the suit without the assistance of anyone else
  • The accompanying neoprene socks do not have any heel seams at all. This is obviously a bonus for comfort but also means that there are fewer of those frustrating issues with divers with proportionally larger feet finding socks a squeeze in suits that otherwise fit
  • The ScubaPro Evertec LT has two velcro fastening pockets. To be completely honest, I found the pockets to be less generously sized than pockets in other similarly priced suits, which was one negative for me
  • The suit is made from Rip-Tec fabric, which ScubaPro cites as being 25% lighter than the materials used in the original Evertec drysuit
  • There’s an I-Safe strap on the left arm which is great for mounting dive computers
  • Suit comes with, as you’d expect at this price point, a patch kit
  • The Evertec LT also comes with detachable suspenders
  • An anatomically shaped hood is also supplied

Our Review of This Drysuit

So, this is being reviewed after 3 dives wearing the suit (in very cold water!). The first thing I’d say is that it really is very lightweight, not only compared to its predecessor, but also compared against other suits from other manufacturers in a similar price bracket.

I’ve become accustomed to heavy drysuits and was really impressed by how light this felt.

There were actually only two pain points for me with this suit. Considering I complain a lot, that’s not bad going. They were:

  • The pocket size. I so wish the pockets on this suit were bigger. They’re just not as deep as I like pockets to be
  • The next feels a bit stiff. Don’t get me wrong – it’s warm, comfortable and snug, but it doesn’t feel as easy to move your head around as I would like

Neither of those things would necessarily stop me from buying this suit because they are completely outweighed by the flexibility of the lightness and the ease of taking this on and off.

All in all, a superb suit at the price point and it’s one I will wear again without a doubt.

ScubaPro Evertec LT Price

The RRP is £1,049. But it’s currently available at £940 from here.

evertec lt drysuit pricing


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