Scubapro Everflex Mens and Womens Wetsuits – Review and Price

The ScubaPro Everflex skinsuits are 0.5mm wetsuits designed for tropical water usage. It can be used alone to offer up protection against stings and the like on your dive or, of course, could be used underneath thicker neoprene suits to make such wetsuits easier to get on an off. Here, we take a look at some of the features.

ScubaPro EverFlex Men’s and Women’s Skin Suit Features

For those of us who care what our kit looks like (sorry, but I am totally included in that group!) then the design is slick. It is a great looking suit. Though as a female diver, I would like the red and black to be available in both genders. However, the red and black design (pictured) is available in the men’s suit only and likewise, the black and white is available in the women’s version only. But it’s a small complaint.

The women’s EverFlex skin suit runs from extra small to extra large, while the men’s Everflex goes from small to extra, extra, extra large.

The EverFlex has the bonus for UPF 50 protection from the sun. Reassuring if you’re doing shallow water diving or snorkelling and you burn like most of us Brits do.

Of course, in the tropical climes this skin suit is designed for, you could very easily forgo a suit altogether. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll certainly see the value of a suit in protection against stings and things.

It’s a rear entry suit and comes with rolled neck, wrist and ankle seals and blind stitching.

ScubaPro EverFlex Men’s and Women’s Skin Suits Review

I can only speak about the women’s suit from experience and I’ve only used it on its own. I’ve never used it underneath a thicker neoprene suit. But it was easy to get on and off, comfortable and a good fit based on the size ordered.

ScubaPro EverFlex Pricing

The EverFlex skin suits are both available over Simply Scuba for £56.00 each.

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