Scubapro Equalizer BCD Review

Any product from a brand like Scubapro is greeted to the market with a degree of desire and credibility simply because of its name. But the Scubapro Equalizer BCD is an impressive offering even without its brand.

For a start, its price tag makes it relatively affordable amongst its counterparts on the market with like for like spec and features. And then there’s the look. For some scuba divers, how a BCD looks isn’t even a consideration. For me, I can’t help but me swayed by how slick any piece of equipment looks. And this one looks sleek, simple and attractive, as far as one of these can.

Here’s a run down of the features, spec and a review of the Scubapro Equalizer BCD.

Scubapro Equalizer BCD Features

  • Lightweight and quick drying thanks to its PU coated nylon material
  • All adjustments are made at the front of the device for ease of use and added convenience
  • Available in Extra Small (XS), Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large (XL). I’ve always found the sizing on ScubaPro BCDs to be pretty generous, though do check specific measurements before buying
  • There are 4 clip on points in the form of stainless steel rings around the jacket. I find 4, personally, to be more than enough but if you’re used to wearing jackets with more then this is something to be aware of
  • In addition to the 4 clip on points, there are two storage pockets
  • Comes with the Scubapro Balanced Power Inflator as standard
  • Wraparound bladder

ScubaPro Equalizer Review

I’ve used this twice now and I find it incredibly durable but lightweight too. I typically opt for BCDs with a similar amount of storage to this, but it’s much more lightweight than many more expensive alternatives I own. But the Scubapro Equalizer manages to feel incredibly durable at the same time as being light.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the product and I’ll use it more regularly.


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