ScubaPro Chromis Dive Computer Review, Price and Rundown

Scubapro Chromis, Color Green
List Price: £216.70
Price: £216.70
Price Disclaimer
If you’re anything like me, you’ll want dive computers that boast as much finesse as function. I’m not saying I’d forego great functionality for a dive computer that looks amazing, of course. But how it looks is important to me (call me shallow if you like). It seems a little illogical considering I wear said computer while dressed in a wetsuit and, believe me, I don’t pull that look off well. Not even close.

Anyway, I digress. I care what a dive computer looks like, so when a particularly colourful and slick looking device comes up, I generally jump at the chance to get my mitts on one.

The ScubaPro Chromis dive computer falls into that category. Anyway, let’s dive right in (pun was completely and utterly intended) and take a look at the key features of the ScubaPro Chromis Dive Computer:

ScubaPro Chromis Dive Computer Features

The Scubapro Chromis is available in 4 colours and these include a colourful orange and a stand-out-from-the-crowd near-neon yellow type colour. So there’s variety there. And if you don’t particular care for a great deal of colour on your computer, there’s an off-white option and a black option too. According to the ScubaPro website, we should be expecting purple and ble versions

Perhaps the most appealing thing about the Chromis for the hobbyist diver is that it’s a watch sized piece of kit. So you could easily wear it exercising above the water line as well as out and about on your travels to and from your scuba dives. Its swim mode means it can help you to track stroke data when training in the pool and a good old fashioned time keeping mode and alarm mode means some will undoubtedly choose to wear it as a watch. Plus, it is incredibly lightweight but remarkably robust as well.

It is nitrox compatible, but it’s not trimix compatible. So if you’re a trimix user, the ScubaPro Chromis isn’t for you. Similarly, there is no rebreather mode so if you’re using rebreather equipment, the Chromis isn’t what you’re looking for.

That said, if you have the setup of most certified divers, the demographic the Chromis is aimed at, you won’t have a problem.

As an iPhone user, I am probably most attracted to the Chromis because there are not too many buttons. 4 in total, making it manageable to use. And it isn’t a difficult computer to operate by comparison to other models on the market.

It comes equipped with a large and very sharp digital display. Another great feature is the zig zag style strap, which cleverly (yet simply!) means that the Chromis still fits securely in conditions of compression.

It will operate to 120m.

ScubaPro Chromis Review

Scubapro Chromis, Color Green
List Price: £216.70
Price: £216.70
Price Disclaimer
I love the design of the ScubaPro Chromis and I did wear it to and from the dive as well as during. That’s literally the first time I have done that with any dive computer. I haven’t used swim mode yet, but I imagine it’s something I will use at some point.

Perhaps the most notably lacking feature for me is the air integration. It wasn’t something I used to be bothered about but for the past 18 months or so, my most used computers have been those with air integration and I do think it’s a feature missing that could put people off the Chromis.

That said, you can’t review this without considering the price point. It’s incredible value for money and when you weight up price against features, it’s definitely a product I would recommend. If you wanted me to give you a ScubaPro Chromis Review in a single word, I’d say “cracking.”


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