5 Amazing Dive Sites in Tenerife

Coupling a holiday in the sun with a couple of days of scuba diving is my idea of heaven. And if you happen to be on holiday on the beautiful, sunny Canary Island of Tenerife, here are 5 dive sites we reckon you need to add to your to-dive list:

El Condesito – Shipwreck

El Condesito was a vessel carrying cement intended for use in the construction of the tourist resort of Los Cristinos. The vessel sank in January 1972.

It’s now a popular dive site in Tenerife, just off the coast of Las Galletas. It lies at around 18m depth (though the shallowest point is just 6 metres) and is accessible from a number of points. The bags of cement that were in the hold have now solidified into white blocks.

This is a dive suitable for all levels of scuba diver and is quite popular with scuba divers on holiday in Tenerife.

el condesito dive site tenerife wreck

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Barranco Seco, Los Gigantes

Just a short distance of the coast of the quiet holiday resort of Los Gigantes is Barranco Seco. This is a popular scuba diving site and has sections from 18m – 30m depth. This makes it ideal for taking groups of divers of different levels.

It has a huge array of marine wildlife and stingrays can regularly be seen there.

El Puertito – Turtle Encounters in Tenerife

The El Puertito dive site in Tenerife has a maximum depth of about 15m. This makes is popular with those doing a Discover Scuba Diving course and the less advanced divers. However, it’s equally popular with more advanced divers because of the number of turtles to be found here.

This is a great dive site in Tenerife for anyone looking for turtle encounters. Get the cameras out!

El puertito diving tenerife turtles

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El Meridian Wreck

Another wreck off the south coast of Tenerife, El Meridian was one of the first whale watching boats. It first sank off the coast of Los Cristianos, but was refloated, towed out some way and then sank again a little further afield.

This is a great wreck diving site but it should be noted that it’s only suited to advanced level scuba divers.

El Meridian wreck tenerife

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Los Chuchos – The Stingrays

“Los Chuchos,” is Spanish for “the stingrays,” and this site is exactly where you go to encounter them. This dive site is just off the coast of Tenerife and is suitable for all levels of scuba diver.  At around 18-20m depth, by the time you reach the ocean floor, you’ll be encountering several species of sting ray, including the whopping Atlantic Stingray. Don’t forget your under water camera. This is an excellent dive.

Los Chuchos Tenerife

So, if you’re heading off to Tenerife and plan to enjoy some diving while you’re there, give some of these a go. They’re just five of hundreds of potential sites off the coast of this tiny island.

Happy diving.



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