Scuba Diving for Kids – The Benefits

I didn’t start scuba diving until I was almost 20 on a year abroad, so I certainly can’t claim to be a childhood prodigy. But when my children are old enough, I intend to take them scuba diving with me. When they’re 8, they’ll be able to join PADI’s Bubblemaker programme and I’ll definitely have them in it and keep them at it for as long as they enjoy it. And if they’re anything like me, they’ll be hooked for the long term.

Here are some of (many) reasons I think scuba diving will be brilliant for my children:

1. Getting out into nature

Research suggests that children between 2 and 12 spend 17 hours each week in front of a screen. 17 hours!! There are all kinds of reasons that can’t be great, I’m sure. Scuba diving is a way to get kids out soaking up the surroundings in the ocean or a lake.

2. Keeping Fit

Scuba diving increases physical fitness and stamina. For children who are perhaps less interested in sports like football, hockey or the typical sports encouraged at school, this can be an alternative avenue to getting them into something to keep them fit and active.

3. Calming Breathing Technique

The benefits of meditation and the calming breathing techniques associated as well documented. One of the core skills you develop as a scuba diver is controlled breathing, which can be hugely beneficial and calming.

4. Social benefits

When I started scuba diving, I soon realised that it came with a host of social benefits. My scuba buddy is now a close friend and the club I’m a member of allowed me to meet loads of people with really similar interests to me. I socialise with these people outside of scuba events too now and our children mix. I can’t see how that can be anything but beneficial for my children too.

 5. An appreciation of our oceans

I want my children to have a profound respect for our oceans and marine life. We’re polluting our oceans ridiculously and I hope my children are never a part of that problem.

Want to get your kids into scuba diving?

If you want to get your children scuba diving, go check out Padi’s Bubblemaker information and find a provider of the course near to you. There are loads of schools nationwide offering this course for the little ones. Enjoy!



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