Does Scuba Diving Burn a Lot of Calories?

Scuba diving has a ton of benefits. For most of us, we’re focussed on what we can see, the places we can explore and intense feeling of complete freedom you get from a dive. But the benefits go way above and beyond that.

If you’re someone who pays attention to calorie burn, then this is a question you may have asked:

Does scuba diving burn a lot of calories?

The short answer is yes, by comparison to a lot of other activities. With regards specifically how many calories scuba diving burns, it depends hugely on the type of dive and varies from person to person. For example, a shore dive can burn up to 600 calories an hour (wow!) whereas a boat dive might burn up to 300 an hour. 300 an hour is about in keeping with the calories burned from a brisk paced walk, so it definitely is a calorie burning activity.

So, should you be taking to the sea instead of the gym to burn those calories?!


That said, you’ll already want to be in reasonable shape to take up scuba diving. If you’re really out of shape, then a few sessions in the gym first would do no harm. It can be exhausting work and it’s much harder to enjoy the dives if you’re struggling to keep pace.

In short though, scuba diving does burn calories, so after a good dive you’ve probably earned that post-dive burger 😉 Enjoy.


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