Oceanic FlexDura Drysuit Review, Prices and Features

The Oceanic FlexDura drysuit is a trimlaminate (three layered) suit. It is made up of 2 layers of polyester with a later of butyl in between. It has been designed to facilitate flexibility and freedom of movement while keeping you dry.

Oceanic FlexDura DrySuit Features and Review

  • Despite being a trilaminate suit, the Oceanic Flexdura still boasts some 15% more flexibility than other triple layered suits.
  • The FlexDura comes with Seamtite latex seals. These seals are all about keeping a watertight fit without restricting your movement.
  • A chest mounted valve allows you to inflate the suit quickly and easily
  • You can adjust the sensitivity of the drysuit’s auto deflate function quickly and easily
  • There’s a secure, generously sized pocket on each of the legs
  • This isa rear entry drysuit – the zip is at the back of the suit
  • The Oceanic Flexdura comes with a neoprene hood as standard

This suit keeps you warm in cold water conditions and does offer surprising amount of flexibility in your movement. A rear entry suit isn’t everyone’s ideal (make sure your buddy’s on hand to help you in ;)).

After some 20 dives, our user did have to replace the zip. It could, of course, be a one off, but it’s something worth noting for anyone considering purchasing the Oceanic Flexdura.

The design is also particularly attractive by comparison with similar suits in the price range. Largely black with a blue trim design, the suit is available in a range of sizes.

It’s comfortable and great for cold water dives. If you’re likely to dive incredibly regularly, you might want to consider a higher performance suit (at a higher price point) but recreational divers shouldn’t encounter a problem with this one.

Oceanic FlexDura Drysuit Price

The RRP of the Oceanic Flexdura Drysuit is £799. However, it is available for sale at Simply Scuba for £779.

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