Mares Pro Fit LX Drysuit Review

The Mares Pro Fit LX Drysuit is a feature rich option for those who’d rather stay under the £1,000 level on their suit.

With an RRP of £809, the suit is affordably priced in the market anyway, but you can get it cheaper if you shop around

But we’re jumping ahead of ourselves. Before getting into detail about pricing, let’s take a look at the features this dry suit has to offer.

Mares Pro Fit LX Drysuit Features

This is a feature rich dry suit, with the offerings including:

  • Made of high density neoprene
  • A 4mm thick suit
  • Neck and wrist seals made from latex
  • Comes with hood, integrated boots and integrated braces
  • Fastens at the back
  • Comes with its own carry back
  • Reinforced at the knees

The one thing it is worth noting about this suit is that there are no cargo pockets within it, so if you do rely on this type of storage, there’s a possibility that the Marea Pro Fit LX isn’t for you.

Mares Pro Fit LX Dry Suit Review

This review of the Mares Pro Fit LX dry suit is based on two dives. The first thing I would say is that it’s important to consider the suit in the context of its budget. This is amongst the best of the sub £1,000 suits I’ve tried. However, this isn’t as flexible or easy to move around in as options like the Fourth Element Argonaut Kevlar suit, though this will set you back closer to £2,000.

That’s not to say this suit is inflexible. Far from it. I was able to move around without much difficulty.

The lack of cargo pockets was a bigger problem for me than slightly less flex than much more expensive options. That was a bit of a frustration.

Finally, of course, the main thing – protection from the cold! I dived in November in the UK in this suit and was suitably protected. No problems there.

On the whole, the Mares Pro Fit LX dry suit is a really great value option well worth considering for those looking for a lower budget option.


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