How Dangerous is Scuba Diving?

Just how dangerous is scuba diving?

You only need to type “scuba diving,” into Google News and you’ll undoubtedly see a story of someone somewhere having an accident (possibly fatal) while diving.

But of course, the thousands of people diving without any problem each day isn’t exactly news is it?

So is scuba diving actually dangerous?

Scuba Diving Death Statistics

According to the Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) 2010 Diving Fatalities Workshop Report, 1 dive in every 211,864 ends in a fatality.

But how does this compare to other past times?

  • 1 in every 2,317 base jumps ends in fatality
  • 1 in every 116,000 hand gliding flights ends in fatality
  • 1 in every 116,666 skydives ends in fatality
  • 1 out of every 126,626 marathon runners dies of cardiac arrest
  • 1 in every 320,000 rock climbs ends in fatality

So, in short, scuba diving is statistically significantly more dangerous than rock climbing, but significantly less likely to end in fatality than base jumping, hand gliding or sky diving.

Humans were not built to breathe underwater. So, of course, scuba diving comes with its risks. But many fatalities in scuba diving are avoidable and with proper training, equipment and risk management, scuba diving can be safe and thoroughly enjoyable.


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