HMS Elk – Wreck Diving in Plymouth

The HMS Elk was sunk by a German sea mine in 1940 just off the coast of Plymouth. It’s now a popular spot for wreck divers.

The original trawler was 108 feet long. It nowlies at a depth of around 30m and sits upright. As a dive site that’s been frequently visited by scuba divers, the fittings and brass that once adorned this ship have been stripped. Visibility is, on a good day, around 14m. But it can be as low as 2m. The density of plankton in the water makes it incredibly dark. Don’t dive here without a torch – a good one!

You’d be well advised not to try and penetrate the wreck unless you’ve had specific wreck diving training. The HMS Elk is not particularly easy to get inside of, though the engine room is accessible with some difficulty.

On the whole, this is a dive suitable for sport divers and above and the use of a shot line is recommended.


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