Grüner See (Green Lake) in Austria – Scuba Diving in a Park

Grüner See (Green Lake) is a like that lies in the Austrian town of Tragoess. If you visit in Autumn or Winter, the lake will be surrounded by a beautiful park adorned with benches and greenery. The lake, at this time of year, is just 3 – 6 feet deep. But if you visit in late Spring and summer, when the temperatures are higher, you’ll experience a very different lake. In summer, the lake seems to swallow up the surrounding meadow and parkland turning the whole area into a scuba diver’s paradise. The whole area floods in summer, making the lake significantly deeper and offering up an unrivalled scuba diving site for divers with a keen sense of adventure.

Take a look at this video taken by some divers who went to explore Grüner See in summer time.

It’s completely surreal to see scuba divers in full kit casually encountering park benches and greenery. It’s like an underwater paradise completely unspoiled.

The water level is at its highest in June, for any scuba divers considering making the trip, talk to the people at St Martin Chalets who not only put us up in an amazing eco-friendly chalet but also arranged everything for us to go scuba diving in the Gruner See (not easy to do in a land-locked country!)



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