Fourth Element Argonaut Kevlar Breathable Drysuit Review, Features and Price

Fourth Element technical kit for scuba divers is synonymous with excellence and that’s why you’ll see the brand adorning some of the most advance divers out there.

The Fourth Element Argonaut Kevlar drysuit is no exception to the brand’s commitment to advanced technical kit excellent. In fact, the Argonaut probably epitomises what I’ve personally come to expect from Fourth Element scuba kit. Here’s our run down of the features and price you can expect to pay to get your mitts on your own.

Fourth Element Argonaut Kevlar Drysuit Features

Any cold water diver will appreciate the benefits of a solid drysuit but most of have probably also found ourselves in overweighted pieces of kit that, while they keep us dry, don’t exactly afford us the breathability we might like. Any of you familiar with that issue will care about Kevlar. The Kevlar material makes the Argonaut drysuit remarkably breathable despite its relative bulk. The Kevlar is also in use in certain military grade equipment – a testimony to its strength and durability.

As standard, the Argonaut comes with a 5mm neoprene hood and each thigh has a cargo pocket. Each of these pockets has one plastic and one steel D-ring with elastic loops to hand equipment and bits and pieces you need to carry with you.

It’s a front entry drysuit that comes with its own repair kit too. It has latex neck and wrist seals as well as built in knee pads.

For those of you interested in the small print, the Fourth Element Argonaut Kevlar meets European Standard EN 14225 – 2: 2005 for Drysuits in accordance with E U Directive 89/686/EEC.

Fourth Element Argonaut Kevlar Drysuit Review

We’ve not had the chance to try this one for ourselves yet, but based on our research, talking to users and reading around it looks like the general review points are:

  • Price point high with many reviewers stating they can get similar quality kit for a better price
  • Optional extras tend to make the price even higher for things you might have assume came as standard

On the other hand, people who’ve parted with the cash to buy the Fourth Element Argonaut Kevlar comment that:

  • The fit for both the men’s and women’s Aegonaut Kevlar suits is excellent once you’ve been measured up and have bought the right size
  • It’s a good, lightweight suit for its size and offers up brilliant drysuit protection against the elements (incredibly important if you are a frequent cold water diver)

Fourth Element Argonaut Kevlar Drysuit Price

The suit costs £1,699 from Simply Scuba. This retailer offers finance as well if you don’t want to stump up the whole of the money at once.

To read more about the suit, check out specific sizing information and similar, we’d recommend you go check out the suits on their website:

Argonaut Kevlar Men’s Drysuit:

mens fourth element argonaut kevlar drysuit

Argonaut Kevlar Women’s Drysuit:

fourth element argonaut kevlar  drysuit women's


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