Scuba Diving at El Cabrón Marine Reserve in Gran Canaria

El Cabrón marine reserve in Gran Canaria is a stunning stretch of water also known as Marina Reserva Arinaga. 

Recently declared as an area of special scientific interest, El Cabrón is one of just 3 marine reserves in the Canary Islands and offers up some incredibly scuba diving sites for those looking to take in diving in Gran Canaria.

It’s a little bit out of the way – 50 minutes from Mogan and with the last part of the journey being somewhat off the beaten track. But it is so worthwhile making this visit.

Key Stats About el Cabrón

The water temperature here varies from 19 to 23 degrees Celsius depending on the time of year. Similarly, visibility varies with conditions but you can typically expect a minimum visibility of 15 metres and on a really good day you could even enjoy a whopping 35 metres of visibility.

Typical depths are 18m – 24m with Barracuda Point going to 33m.

Marine Life you Could Encounter at El Cabrón

There are over 50 species of marine wildlife you can expect to encounter when scuba diving at many of the sites in the El Cabrón marine reserve in Gran Canaria. They include:

  • The Angel Shark
  • The Canarian Lobsterette
  • The Marbled Electric Ray
  • The Trumpet Fish
  • The African Cuttlefish
  • The Common Stingray
  • The Butterfly Ray

Some of the Dive Sites within El Cabrón

There are a number of sites scuba divers love here. They include:

  • Stingray Cave – unsurprisingly, this is a site in the reserve where you’re highly likely to encounter rays. We definitely recommend that you take your camera with you!
  • Playa del Cabrón – a lovely dive suitable for newly qualified divers as well. This is a site accessible via the beach and the maximum depth is only around 12m or so.
  • The Hole in the Wall – this is amongst the more challenging sites within El Cabrón but also offers up some of the most spectacular sub aquatic scenery that Gran Canaria has to offer. It does require favourable conditions and, furthermore, skilled divers.

Take a Look at the Video:

Take a look at this video to give you an idea as to what to expect rom scuba diving at El Cabrón:

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