5 Facts About the Territorial Damselfish

Check out this feisty little fish:

Never one to be intimidated by someone bigger than it, the damselfish in the video is trying to fend off a diver from its territory. Here are a few fascinating facts about the feisty damselfish!

1. Damselfish are incredibly territorial

Certain damselfish are incredibly territorial. They will swim around and round in circles guarding food and reproductive sites and will attack any living thing (whatever the size) that attempts to intrude!

2. Some damselfish engage in cannibalism

And not just any old cannibalism! The male cortez damselfish engages in filial cannibalism – in other words, it eats its own young. In some cases, it will eat up to 25% of its young.

3. Hundreds of species

There are over 300 different species of damselfish.

4. Habitat

They typically inhabit tropical reef waters with some inhabiting the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Oceans.

5. Juveniles are different coloured

Juvenile damselfish are typically different coloured than the adults. They often have spots.



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