Christmas Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers

Ok, so (at the time of writing) it’s still only October so perhaps we’re a little premature. But we are starting to feel a little festive and we’re starting to get our Christmas shopping hats on. And we’re here to help you to avoid that awkward “Oh, socks! Lovely, darling,” Christmas morning moment.
Here are 12 Christmas gift ideas for the scuba diver in your life.

Scuba gifts under £30

Scuba gifts under £30

We all know scuba diving can be a pricey hobby. But that doesn’t mean the family and friends of scuba fanatics have to break the bank just to get a smile on Christmas morning. Here are 5 budget ideas for gifts or scuba divers all at under £30.

50 Places to Dive Before you Die

Inspire your scuba diving friend or family member with the book that all scuba divers need. “Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die,” takes a deep dive into the oceans and covers inspiring scuba spots the whole world over. Perfect for the diver in your life and it won’t break the bank.

Cressi Lima Diver’s Knife

A top notch diver’s knife, the Cressi Lima knife is a slick looking piece of kit that won’t break the bank. The knife knife comes with sheath, a hose clip and a belt mount and is low maintenance. A perfectly practical purchase for the scuba diver in your life.

IST Waterproof Notebook

IST Waterproof Notebook
List Price: £19.99
Price: £19.99
Price Disclaimer

25 pages of waterproof reusable paper and a durable cover. Plus, the IST Waterproof Notebook, which retails for as much as £25 in some places, is on offer at Deep Blue Dive for just £19.95. Every scuba diver needs a good slate.

Trident Diver’s Toolkit

IST Scuba Divers Handy Maintenance Tool Kit
List Price: £30.95
Price: £30.95
Price Disclaimer

Every diver needs a good toolkit and this one is a bargain. A knife, pliers and allan keys are amongst the tools on this little gadget. And the IST Diver’s Toolkit is a bit of a bargain

DryRobe Changing Poncho

The ultimate in practical gifts for the scuba diver in your life. This changing poncho allows your beloved diver to change out of their wetsuit in relative privacy wherever they are.
They are also fleecy, keeping you warm once out of the water and drying yourself down and come with a hood to dry your head and hair too.
Naturally it also makes a great bathrobe for lounging around the house when you aren’t being quite so much of an action hero too…

Scuba diver gifts 25 to 75

Christmas gift ideas for scuba divers with prices between £30 and £75

Mares EOS 2RZ Torch

Mares EOS 2 RZ Torch - Black/Black
List Price: £115.00
Price: £76.28
You Save: £38.72
Price Disclaimer

Every scuba diver needs a good torch (or two) and this scuba diving torch just scrapes into this particular budget range. The Mares EOS 2RZ weighs just 120g, making it one of the lightest aluminum torches out there.

Despite its size and extremely light weight, it can switch between ON, LOW, FLASH and OFF modes. This is done via a multifunction magnetic sliding switch that can be used with the thumb. It also features a system for adjusting focus during the dive.

A brilliant Christmas git for scuba divers and you can totally get away with pretending you spent more on it.

Scuba Diving Mask Cufflinks

For the male scuba diver who occasionally has to make an appearance on dry land, these cufflinks are a nice reminder of their other life below the waves.

These delightful Scuba Diving Mask Cufflinks measure 20mm by 10mm from Hallmarked Solid Sterling Silver. Designed and made in the UK to the highest quality and presented in a Gift Box.

These lovely cufflinks let him show his love for his diving at any occasion.

gifts for scuba divers over £75

Gifts for Scuba Divers Over £75

If you’re looking to splash out on gifts for scuba divers this Christmas, you really want to spoil the diver in your life and budget is less of an issue, then these gift ideas might be just what you’re looking for.

Apeks Professional Dive Watch 200m

Every diver needs a watch and this one is a practical, reliable option that doesn’t cost hundreds and hundreds of pounds. A solid idea for a gift for a scuba diver, this watch should be £86 but is retailing at £77 at Simply Scuba. With both men’s and women’s versions available, the Apeks Divers Watch 200m is the perfect companion for the diver in your life.

Apeks Dry75 Twin Core Dry Bag


Apeks Dry 75 Bag
List Price: £115.75
Price: £115.75
Price Disclaimer

Every scuba diver needs a good bag and the Apeks Dry 75 Twin Core Dry Bag is up there in terms of performance with the best of them. It ordinarily wouldn’t sit within this budget bracket, but is currently reduced by 18% down to £75 at Simply Scuba. With a splash proof pocket for documents and other important things, a padded foam base to reduce wear and tear and a draining plug, the bag has everything a scuba diver needs and makes a perfect practical gift.

GoPro Hero 4 Camera

List Price: £329.99
Price Disclaimer

The GoPro Hero 4 is an iconic camera for the adventurer, whether that’s a scuba diver or a sky diver. GoPro is a brand that represents adventure and this would be a brilliant gift for a scuba diver. The GoPro Hero4 is a camera that has retailed for for £329.99 and now retails for just under £300 with more online scuba retailers. However, if you buy from Amazon you can get it for £250.

Mares Nemo Wide Dive Computer

The Mares Nemo Wide Dive Computer is suitable for both air and nitrox dives and with its notoriously user friendly interface and usability, this is a cracking computer for any scuba diver, sure to make a great Christmas gift.

You can read our review of the Mares Nemo Wide Dive Computer here >>

Merry Christmas!

So there you have it, some of our favourite pressie ideas for the scuba diver in your life.

So say goodbye to scarves, socks and bubble bath and get the scuba diver in your life something they’ll really enjoy and genuinely get some use out of.

If you’ve got any ideas for scuba diver Christmas gifts you’d like to share with us, please do so in the comments or get in touch with us!


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