Can I Scuba Dive with Contact Lenses in?

I am blind as a bat. Well, not quite. But I’m pretty shortsighted and I wear contact lenses every single day for work and leisure as opposed to glasses.

Initially I was worried that this would present a problem for me scuba diving. But while scuba divers cannot wear their everyday spectacles for scuba diving, contrary to popular belief, you can scuba dive with contact lenses in.

The one thing I would say is that I use soft lenses and I know a number of experts would recommend that you don’t dive with hard or glass contacts as it could be a little uncomfortable.

To be honest, I find it more convenient to keep my contact lenses in than I do to wear a prescription mask. It’s a lot less hassle.

A few precautions I take when diving with contact lenses

  • I take my contact lens solution with me to the scuba dive site every single time.
  • Even if my eyes feel fine after a dive, I typically take my lenses out afterwards, rewet them and put them back in just to let my eyes “breathe.” That might sound ridiculous. And there’s a good chance that actually achieves nothing, but it makes me feel better
  • If I need to remove my mask underwater, I keep my eyes closed. In a pool once, I lost a lens having my eyes open under water, so I won’t make that mistake on a dive

Ultimately though, there is no problem with scuba divers wearing contact lenses. Happy diving to my fellow visually impaired scuba enthusiasts!


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