Raja Ampat, Indonesia – Scuba Dive Site

As far as dive areas go, Raja Ampat in Indonesia, is absolutely impeccable. Located off New Guinea island, the marine life around this area is the most diverse in Indoniesia, offering up well over a thousand different marine life species.

Google has begun to map the oceans in its “Streeview,” style and Raja Ampat is amongst the areas that have been mapped. So you can explore this part of the ocean for yourself without even getting wet 😉

If that’s enough to whet your appetite for a trip there yourself, we’d definitely encourage you to do so.

Amongst the marine life here are sharks, manta rays, jackfish and pygmy seahorses. The region is also home to an incredible leatherback turtle nesting site.

If you can’t get to Indonesia yourself, then do take a look at the Google Earth Ocean view above. Incredible stuff.


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