Apeks RK3 Fins Review

Apeks RK3 HD Fins - Medium
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The Apeks RK3 fins are proving popular with recreational scuba divers. We put them to the test on some recent lake dives. Here’s what we thought.

So, what do you need to know?

Well, the Apeks RK3 is an open heeled fin that comes in a couple of different colours (black and white). I always lean towards an open heel fin because I’d rather wear neoprene booties (probably influenced by the fact I typically dive in cold waters).

The blade is vented and this is designed to minimise the resistance on your upstroke.

The blade length is from 400-499mm and the Apeks RK3 fins weigh between 1.75kg and 2kg per pair depending on size.

Apeks RK3 – Our Review

Apeks RK3 HD Fins - Medium
Price Disclaimer
Being open heeled, they are unsurprisingly heavier than their full foot counterparts. But by comparison to some of the many other open heeled fins I’ve dived in, the Apeks Rk3 felt less draggy.

A comfortable fit, I was happy in the fins for the duration of the two dives I used them for.

However, they really would benefit from a quick release buckle. The buckle in general was a little fidgety.

That said, they come with spring straps as standard and I didn’t really notice that I wasn’t in my usual fins during the dive.

On that basis, I’d suggest that the Apeks RK3 fin represents good value for recreational divers.


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