5 Amazing Dive Sites in Sharm el Sheikh

Whether you’re going out of your way to visit Sharm el Sheikh on a scuba diving holiday or you’re just on a beach break with the family and are fitting some diving in, these 5 scuba diving sites in Sharm are a must see:

Kormoran Wreck

Just off the coast of Tiran Island, this is a gem of a site for scuba divers. The average depth is only 6 – 8m. The ship itself is around 80m long so there is plenty to see. It sank in 1984 after hitting a hard reef.

The Red Sea location means the water temperatures you’re likely to experience on this dive range from 20 to 26 degrees Celsius.

Parts of the ship are still very much recognisable though the wreck has now been inhabited by fish!

Kormoran wreck scuba diving site

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Jackfish Alley

This is a particular favourite of ours in Sharm El Sheikh. Jackfish Alley was formerly known as Fisherman’s Bank before fishing was banned in the area. Some also refer to is as ‘Stingray Alley,’ for obvious reasons.

In terms of depth, it starts at 5 – 6m but reaches depths of close to 30 in parts. There can be strong currents here at times as well but it’s a dive site well worth visiting when you’re in Sharm El Sheikh. As well as barracuda and tuna, you might even encounter the odd bigger suspect here too. It’s not unusual to encounter white tip reef sharks here.

Thomas Canyon

Thomas Canyon is an advanced dive. The Canyon itself goes as deep as 92m (the video below was filmed at 56m). This is an excellent technical dive for qualified scuba divers with arches, canyons and plenty of exploration to enjoy.

Shark Reef (Ras Mohamed National Park)

Ras Mohamed is a National Park within Egypt and is incredibly popular with tourists enjoying some snorkelling. It’s a popular scuba diving site too. Incredibly, part of this areas reach depths of a phenomenal 800m.

Within the Ras Mohamed National Park, you will find the ever popular shark reef. Back in 2010 there were a spate of 4 shark attacks here blamed on a white tip shark, but this remains a popular area for scuba divers.

Shark Reef sharm el sheikh

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SS Thistlegorm

We’ve saved the best for last. This is arguably one of the most amazing wreck dives in the world.

The SS Thistlegorm was a British Navy Merchant ship. It was sunk near Ras Mohamed in 1942, while carrying a cargo bound for Alexandria, Egypt. Its cargo included motorcycles, military vehicles, trucks and steam locomotives.

These can now be seen on the dive site. As well as the marine life, this wreck is worth exploring just to see the cargo in its new resting place beneath the sea. I can’t recommend enough checking out the 4 minute video below to get a preview.

The Red Sea is a haven for divers. Warm waters, plenty of wrecks and reefs and dive sites catering for divers of multiple levels. It’s well worth making time to check out some of the dive sites in Sharm el Sheikh if you’re nearby for any reason!


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