5 Amazing Dive Sites in Malta

If you’re off on holiday to Malta and you fancy squeezing in some scuba diving while you’re there, you will have plenty of choice! Here are 5 amazing scuba diving sites in Liverpool.

Um El Faroud

um el faroud malta diving

This is a wreck dive and, at points, reaches 36m depth. Located at Wied Iz Zurrieq, Malta, this is a really popular dive site. This is suitable for those with Advanced Open Water certification.

The wreck is only around a 7 minute swim from shore – no boat necessary.

The Libyan ship sank in 1998 in a tragic accident that killed 9 people.

As well as the exploration of the wreck itself, you’ll find barracudas and all manner of other marine wildlife on this former Libyan ship. Well worth a visit.

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Anchor Bay

This is an accessible dive reaching depths of just 10m so ideal for many levels of scuba diver on holiday in Malta. This is a accessible from a concrete jetty and offers up an array of marine wildlife. You’ll find moray eels and scorpion fish amongst the species you can get up close and personal to here.

There are nearby caves for exploration here too.

HMS Maori, Valletta

Another for the keen wreck divers is the HMS Maori scuba diving site in Malta’s capital, Valletta.

The HMS Maori was attacked by a bomb from the air and sank in February 1942. It sat on the bed of the Ocean in Grand Harbour and then later on in 1942, it was decided it should be moved. It was moved to Sliema/Valletta where it is now a hugely popular scuba diving site.

This scuba diving site sits at around 15m and is relatively easily accessible. Many parts of this old destroyer are still entirely recognisable as parts of a ship and it’s wonderful to explore. As is the norm with wrecks, the marine wildlife have set up home here now and it’s common for scuba divers here to encounter an octopus or two, sea bream, moray eels and scorpion fish.

HMS Maori scuba diving site malta

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Lantern Point

This is a dive site you will need to reach by boat. The average depth here is around 18m, but it goes way beyond 40m at points too. It is an exposed dive so if the weather is less than perfect, it can be a little difficult to manage. Probably one more suited to the experienced scuba diver.

But the marine life here is amazing and it is an absolutely stunning scuba diving site.

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is a cavern dive that goes as deep as some 35m. There’s 20m visibility usually and the marine wildlife is second to none.

There are caverns, arches and loads of natural features to enjoy here.

So, if you’re off on holiday there, don’t forget to check out some of these amazing scuba diving sites in Malta. These are just 5 of literally hundreds of dive sites in Malta. This part of the Mediterranean is the gift that just keeps on giving for scuba divers.


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